Am I ready for the role?

User Stories can either save you or condemn you.

User Story

A practical approach using Story Mapping

(Original photo by Mike Graff)

Establishing a syllabus

“Why aren’t you smiling? Aren’t you happy? Is there something wrong?”

What do you like about your job? If you’re not sure, try to think of a good day of work you had recently.


Un dato de “viejo” trasfondo: En el 2003, cuando estudié Ciencias de la Computación, sólo el 10% éramos mujeres. Más adelante en 2014, durante mi grado de Maestría éramos aproximadamente 20–25%.

ESTAMOS haciendo algo al respecto, estamos mejorando. Pero necesitamos más…

A bit of an “old” background: 2003, when I studied computer science, only 10% were women; later in 2014, during my masters degree we were roughly 20–25%.

We ARE doing something about it. But we need more. We need to continue taking our message to every corner. Thankfully due to networking we are…



Or worst case scenario… you are forgotten. It is really difficult to keep up with growing teams. When I started in Nearsoft we were around 50 people, now we are almost 250. Currently, our newbies could say: “Ah, yeah… Artemisa, she’s the first nearsoftian to use the #StudyRemote campaign, but I have never seen her”, and they can probably identify me by one or two things that I have contributed which are visible in our offices. But that’s it.

… and not boring them into oblivion.


What’s the big fuzz about this training? Well, there are many training programs out there for developers, but for testers the scene is a little limited; likewise we must choose the right option based on specific objectives. After a lot…

Artemisa Yescas

PMPO / QA at @EncoraInc | Practitioner in Agile Quality trainer | Coffee addict 🇭🇳 🇲🇽 ✨ she/her

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