Transitioning from Quality to Product Management — pt 1

Establishing a syllabus

  • Being a great advocate for the user. QA has an intimate knowledge and understanding of the product–its goals, requirements, and roadmap.
  • Having the eye for details and quality perspective on processes, workflows, and procedures.
  • Providing testing documentation experience necessary to write better requirements documentation.
  • Sharing constructive suggestions and feedback on how to improve or even evolve the product.
Project Management for Beginners —

Jeff Patton’s User Story Mapping

This book is a jewel, I recommend reading it all.

Mike Cohn’s User Stories Applied

- Gathering stories
- Acceptance testing
- Guidelines for good stories

Product Management Essentials — Tools and Techniques for Becoming an Effective Technical Product Manager — Aswin Pranam

- Difference between Product Manager/Project Manager/Program Manager
- Product Requirement Document
- Product Roadmap
- Roles/Artifacts

Product Management in Practice: A Real World guide to the key connective role of the 21st century — Matt Lemay

- Guiding questions to help you get started with creating a clear sense of how an organization intends to use its roadmap.
- Core skills of PM
- Assumptions
- Rather than being accountable for hitting specific metrics, PMs can seek to be held accountable for…
- Impact-vs-Effort Matrix
- Official process/template for handling last-minute requests or “emergency” feature requests

The Professional Product Owner: Leveraging Scrum as a Competitive Advantage — by Don McGreal

- Different layers of planning, the product mgmt. vacuum
- Business model canvas
- Comparison of delivery and owner metrics
- Happiness index
- Radar graphs for visualizing progress over time
- Scoreboard to organize metrics
- Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop
- How to measure the uncertainty of an environment
- From Scrum Guide: Product owner’s role, Scrum team, Product backlog, Refinement, Sprint backlog, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Retrospectives)
- Requirement categories
- What defines the quality of your user story?
- Acceptance criteria
- How to order product backlog
- How to measure value, risk, size
- List of “done” elements/”Done” template for multiple teams working on one product.
- Story Mapping
- Release Management
- Estimation & velocity
- Mapping T-shirt sizes to Points

A Guide to User Story Mapping: Templates & Examples (How to Map User Stories)

Object-Oriented UX by Sophia V. Prater

OOU — The ORCA process by Rewired UX

Full Stack Basics for the Non-Developer by Adam Edgerton

Risk Management by Louder Than Ten

Red flag & risk assessment checklist, Scope Creep guide

Project Management Scope Creep: 7 Top Tips To Prevent It! (video) by Director Jennifer Bridges

Project Management Case Studies — Harold Kerzner

  • Chapter 21 Agile/Scrum Project Management

Next steps in part II…

Practical exercises covering User Story Mapping and User Story creation.

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PMPO / QA at @EncoraInc | Practitioner in Agile Quality trainer | Coffee addict 🇭🇳 🇲🇽 ✨ she/her

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Artemisa Yescas

PMPO / QA at @EncoraInc | Practitioner in Agile Quality trainer | Coffee addict 🇭🇳 🇲🇽 ✨ she/her