Artemisa Yescas

Apr 6, 2021

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Transitioning From Quality to Product Management — pt 4

Am I ready for the role?

Yaaay, I’ve finally reached the end of this series of posts!! Even though I read, studied, and practiced everything that my mentors recommended, plus the Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I) training material…
I still feel not capable. And that is normal.

I compare it to my testing background:
until you are out there getting your hands dirty, learning from experience, reaching your goals, you won’t feel prepared and accomplished.

What I can offer you is a compilation of the advice that I received and treasured during my role transition:

  • Learning about the industry vertical is crucial and it is a differentiator between an average PM/PO to an exceptional one.
  • Folks may not treat you seriously since you don’t have that much business experience and this could be downright ‘insulting’ at first. In some ways, some people believe that because they understand biz that they are somehow above you. But drive on. We all start somewhere.

Don’t underestimate the fine & vintage art of taking notes.

  • Learning is endless, learn as much as possible.
  • Listen, absorb, and don’t hesitate to make questions.
  • Never assume anything.
  • It’s OK to ask for help.
  • Give thanks to the team + give praise to the team = :)
  • Identify your strengths and understand how can you contribute back supported by them.
  • Ask for feedback frequently.
  • Adapting is KEY.
  • Build trust and relationships.
  • Conduct yourself with empathy and never show a blameful attitude when things go wrong.
  • Always think from a diverse set of user perspectives.

My Next Steps

Currently, I am already working with a client in a PM/PO position, but I still want to test my learnings. I want to take the Professional Scrum Product Owner level I (PSPO I) certification to validate my knowledge of the Scrum framework and the ability to support value creation and delivery.

It is a thorough assessment in place to ensure you understand the Product Owner role and therefore detailed in its questions and required answers. Many questions ask the test-taker to think about or interpret the meaning from the Scrum Guide and/or to apply content from the PSPO subject areas and in some cases, apply their own experience.

Great Lectures

PSPO Certification

Thanks for reading! Let me know any tips and tricks that could be handy.
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